Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What do you think?

Elder Adams and Sister Peterson have completed honorable, excellent missions
and have returned home.  Both were outstanding and upstanding;
 however, their pose tells such a story!
Do you think that we will have to teach correct distance and working relationships
 and missionary conduct for elders and sisters with rapidly increasing numbers of sisters with two sets of missionaries in wards or branches accompanied by a shortage of cars?
We have at present count 34 incoming and only 3 outgoing sisters in the next 4 months.

Do you think that pre-missionaries need cooking lessons,
 along with lessons in doing laundry, budgetting, and resource management not 
to mention practice in car and apartment maintenance and cleaning?

Do you think this missionary wins prizes in creative cooking
or the best application of eat your vegetables?  Do you think
missionaries tire of our constant emphasis on eat a balanced diet,
drink 8 plus glasses of water per day, wash your hands and do daily cardio?

Do you think we have become a multi-cultural church?

Do you think for a moment the name of this gas hides
the cost per gallon?

Do you think we need this sign found in a hotel
in each missionary apartment to remind each
missionary of the critical importance of the Holy Spirit
in all their missionary labors--or life itself, for that matter!?

Do you think President Wilkey is enjoying Brother Congdon from Rutland Vermont area?

Do you think these young men and young women - and one not quite as young mother--are enjoying not only the site but also the site, both with wonderful DVDs, music and articles?

Do you think that this will be said of all missionaries who desire to serve
 with all their heart, might, mind and strength?
Two sisters with red shovels--and in long goose down coats, gloves, boots and skirts--came upon a couple men shoveling out a van stuck in one of the recent storms.  Their car had been 'grounded' in
the heavy snow so they had been walking in the neighborhood, helping shoveling walks and
shoveling out cars nearly hidden in the snow.  They offered to help the men shoveling out the van.
One man asked, " Are you Mormons?" 
When they answered, "Yes," he said, "I knew it.  Your good works are showing."


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