Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Because I Have Been Given Much, I Too Must Give"

Elder and Sister Schuck
An example of the senior couples who serve, who share "because they have been given much" is Elder and Sister Schuck who spent two years at the Joseph Smith Memorial where he was the director.   Among their many other responsibilities, they donated innumerable hours in doing research to help people get started in searching their genealogy. Another couple who has just come to the Memorial to give their time in the maintenance and beautification of the site are Elder Brent and Sister Sally Dyches.  President was excited to greet this couple who grew up in his home community and whom he has long admired.

Two other individuals who serve faithfully are President's two counselors, President Hawkes (on right) and President Goodrich. Accompanied by their wives and in the case of the Hawkes, their two youngest sons, they visit in branches and wards, encouraging and strengthening the members.

Pictured below with their district are the Polls and the Phillips, other 'senior' couples who  have donated their time, talents and resources help others.  We will miss the Phillips who have just returned home to Idaho.   As is quite evident, districts enjoy taking a photo once a transfer.  Districts unify to teach and lift one another.

Elrs Craig, Caserio, Wright, Walker, Busby, Smith
 Elder and Sister Phillips,
Elder Rodriguez, Sister and Elder Poll, Elder Pritchett
serving in northern Vermont
Elder Levie, Hill, Giles, Blad, Badger and Jessop
serving in northern Maine
Enthusiasm!  A picture from the past

So what album gets the most "views?" Yes, the collections of
wedding announcements.  And who looks at it most? The elders!

The evening before departure, outgoing missionaries gather
to receive last counsel and ask quetions!

Three outstanding elders who have now completed their two year mission:
Elders Esplin, Carr and Neibergull

To fulfill their purpose in inviting others to come to Christ, missionaries strive to talk to everyone as seen at the airport.  Elders Harris and Rodriguez approached an airport employee. Sisters made a Halloween chart to remind them to seek referrals and to leave behind something to help and encourage those they meet.  In the photo at the right, President Wilkey is teaching young men of the Bedford Ward to share the gospel. Elders Cornia and Smith are assisting him.

Transfer day -- it's a day of excitement, fears - especially for the newest missionaries--and for joy.  Below are snapshots from the past transfer day.

Brother and Siser Drake, Plymouth, come to say 'good-bye' to Elder Levie.

Elder Robison meets his new companion, Elder Morales.

Sleepy new missionaries - they got up at 1 to 2 am for a sum of less than 3 hours sleep--
to board the plane for Manchester, New Hampshire.  Elders Chisholm, Harper, Jensen and Beck
are seen by the trailor carrying half, yes half of their luggage.
With missionaries taking up half the plane, there was a shortage of luggae space.  But it arrived Fed ex.

First meal in the mission.
Their appetites are severely lessened by jitters and fatigue.
No worries, they make up for it later.

Elder Lenning with his trainer, Elder Banks

Elder Esplin, outgoing, meets Elder Jensen, incoming

Elder Crane, second left, has met his match in height, Elder Quinn.
Both are 6 foot 8.  Elder Thomas, Elder Dean and Eldr Morales stand tall next to them.

Elder Irving meets Elder Jensen

Elder Hancock meets his trainer, Elder Nelson

Elder Thomas will take new missionary Elder Dean to Sanford, Maine

Elder Pruett with go with Elder Hightower to Concord, NH
We were excited that Elder Pruett speaks fluent French.
There are many Congolese refugees in Concord who desire
to be taught the fullness of the gospel but their native lanuage is French.
Ultimately our desire is to emulate our Master Jesus Christ
and to attain Christlike character and attributes.
One elder who is striving to do so -wonderfully- is Elder Jardine.

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