Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joyful Moments in our Missionary Work

A wonderful, devoted member saying
 good-bye to a valiant missionary, Sister Page
The joy is "out of this world."

We love transfers, the enthusiasm and trepidation of the new missionaries, the willingness of the trainers to serve, the satisfaction of a "job well done" of outgoing missionaries.  As we listen to their testimonies and their "golden truth" as they depart, we are overwhelming grateful for their growth.

No explanation needed!
Individual growth --there is no greater reward for us than to witness their spiritual, emotional, mental progress.  Maturity.  Good judgment.. Commitment.. Love for others.  Devotional to our Master.. Dedication to the work of helping others received fulness of joy. President Wilkey is visiting with Elder Cash.

Smiles and baptisms come hand in hand!!
Three sisters of Derry, Sisters Nelson, Johnson and Chantry hug Sister Linda Muse
 as she accepts the joy of baptism and the receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost

A devoted father and his two sons!!

We love to be out with the missionaries, at district meetings and in accompanying them in their teaching responsibilities.  We especially enjoyed this privilege as we visited with a husband and wife who are dedicated to one another and to their family. That dedication is evidenced in their living in a home that houses three generations--three apartments in one home--and that has been the home of eight generations of the family.

Joyful times, teaching with missionaries and seated in a rocker
 nearly three times the President's age. Enjoying a warm May evening in Bristol Vermont

Seated in a chair double her age in a home

Admiring the motorcycle

Elders Blad and Dickinson are a great companionship in Middlebury.

Miscellaneous in May

Missionary appetite

If only medical concerns were
 always this small.
 They go from sprains,
to strep to mono to hospitalization.

No trespassing, no swimming
But why then were there swimmers?
Obedience is constantly our quest.

*President having moment alone or rather another moment on the phone

Always available by phone


Beautiful garden-older couple

A slice of May.
* Hungry and tacos appreciative zone leaders attending zone leaders council.
*The constant need for correcting and urging obedience and self discipline.  The sign and the disobedience so telling.
*Taking an hour for walks
*Snapping photos from the car as we travel--we travel distances in this rather large mission.
*Finding humor and interest in small and simple things

How's this for a 'houseboat" in Champlain Lake
His own personal needs being met.

Hay Bale art

Yes, another, hay bale art in Vermont
The green of the Green Mountains in Vermont

One of the many lakes around us, Crystal Lake

Quechee Gorge, Vermont

One of many covered bridges, this one in Woodstock, Vermont
view from the covered bridge

farm in Champlain Valley, Vermont

crystal stream in Vermont

view of the White Mountains or New Hampshire
Which lake is this?

Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.
Henry David Thoreau

Road side--trust to pay method
small town Vermont

Cabot Creamery or Ben and Jerry cows in Vermont

Take a closer look.  What is next to the cottage cheese?

back yard friends
in our own backyard


On the very western edge of our mission lies Ticonderoga, the location of Fort Ticonderoga situated as a most strategic point between Lake Champlain and Lake George. Built in 1758, the fort played a key role in the Revolutionary War. Restored and maintained as a monument to the commitment of men and women to maintain their rights of liberty, it features actors who play the part of those who lived in the fort. Among those who went through the fort were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
The face of one of the wax figures in the art museum of the fort depicts the kind of commitment that we hope to inspire in each of the missionaries.  We hope that each one will feel commitment to the purpose of inviting others to come to Christ.
new significance to hedge up the way

One of the women who repairs clothing and shoes
Our missionaries better not complain about their apartments

Working while spending a few preparation day moments at the fort

Walking the Kings' Gardens and of course on the phone

Wonder and Wonderful

Children bring wonder!  The visit of Devin, Janene, Clayton and Collin was wonderful!!!
Clayton finding night crawlers

Collin and the turtle

the beach

someone who loves Dunkin' Donuts (we have one on every corner)

Nothing too small to excape Clayton's notice

At the Boston Temple
Collin found every ball

Many of the great photos are compliments of and to Devin

One of Devin's photos that tells the story of Alma 32
"Now if ye give place, that a seed (of faith) may be planted in your heart, behold, if it be a true seed, or a good will being to enlarge [your] soul, enlighten [your] understanding."  Alma 32:28
Yet again another ball!


Collin and Clayton at the stone marking the place where the home where Joseph was born.

Mighty good looking couple!!!

Flying to see Grandpa and Grandma

He loves balls of every size