Sunday, February 13, 2011



“Know ye not that the Lord he is God; it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” Psalms 100:3

We were given a large print of this painting for Christmas. We feel deep gratitude for the Savior and feel in this painting his tender love for each of us individually and feel like the lamb, safe and protected no matter the ‘desert’ we are in. As we continue to teach, inspire missionaries to ‘find the lambs who wander’ and to encourage them to ‘feed his sheep,’ we have days of utter discouragement such as missionary sickness and disobedience when we feel the certainty that we are sustained far above our ability. We are amazed at the individuality of the Lord’s concern and the promptings of the Holy Ghost; for instance, in the case of the elder who had severe back spasms which would not respond to any treatment. After a week, we were led to a member chiropractor who works in a clinic of physicians. With his immediate help, the elder had an MRI followed by a second one. Each indicated an abnormality. The second was diagnosed as probable abscess. The non LDS Radiologist who looked at the Elders first MRI saw only a small aberration and almost passed it off, but she said in the doctor’s words-there was an angel at my shoulder telling me that I needed to look for more and order a second MRI. We were advised by the attending neurologist to have an immediate surgery or to have the elder home to a hospital in his area within 24 hours. With that diagnoses, we felt constant divine help for us and most importantly for the elder who despite the great pain did return safely. He went from the airport to the hospital. He has staph infection which had invaded abdominal cavity, wound itself around the muscle in his back and had begun to push into the vertebrae and pelvic bone. What a blessing that the infection remained contained and that the necessary medical care was immediately available not to mention that the air flights and other massive arrangements necessary to get the elder from his are an hour north of us back to Utah were made quickly.


Have you seen ads for Have you read the insert in the January Ensign?

Our missionaries are shocked: they have been instructed to go onto the Internet! Yes, to research and use to help those who are investigating the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to meet members and to examine their lives, their beliefs, their basic doctrine.

Introducing them to this was part of zone conference this week.

Have you been on the website It will be a wonderful family home evening or several for that matter. We will be looking for your profiles!!

…with FEET of SNOW

And it snows and snows and snows. There is an eight foot mound of snow at the end of our circle. So do you wonder what elders do on snow days? Yes, snow days—cars are grounded, schools and stores close, public facilities close. New Englanders stay off the snow packed, icy highways where the wind is blowing and snow drifting. (But we’ve never seen snow crews work so fast and efficiently; the roads are cleared within hours of the conclusion of a and sisters are on foot. They shovel driveways, rake snow off roofs, get others’ cars out of drifts and walk to appointments. Notice that despite the 15 degree weather some elders still want to shovel in suits only! Can you guess which of these elders is a prankster and the center of fun? Can you guess which one is a Spanish speaking missionary?

with PHONE in HAND So what are your symptoms?

…Or HAND on the WHEEL Miles to go! And go! And go!

FEBRUARY RIDDLE? What is the meaning of the riddle President Wilkey presented to the missionaries during zone conference? 12-23 to 4-6 strive to arrive with 385. Where did he come up with the numbers?

FEBRUARY TRIVIA? What is a wicked whoopee? Who are the Frost Heaves? (We saw them in Montpelier, Vermont.) And what is candle pin bowling? Where is it played?

Riddle solved, trivia answered in March Mildness (That’s our hope for the weather.)