Tuesday, January 10, 2012

National Elections in New Hampshire

AND POLITICAL NEUTRALITY--the official stand of the Church

Two of our missionaries serving in Exeter, New Hampshire were in the public library Saturday morning checking the mormon.org site for teaching and finding ideas when an NPR news reporter asked them to be part of a story on teen's voting preferences. Obviously they could offer no political views but this is the result of the interview: http://www.npr.org/aacc.php?id=8827769&code=a40f3d646c73fd86e26241a4619f2f7b

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 29 , 2011

Grandma Rose surrounded by sons and daughters (She always felt each daughter in law was beloved as her own daughters.) slipped peacefully beyond the veil, “taken home
to the God who gave her life.” Shortly before she passed away, we were grateful for the privilege to sing to her; she loved to have President sing “I Am a Child of God” and “How Great Thou Art” as well as other favorites. Mom-Grandma Rose always encouraged the best within us. The feeling of her life is captured in her obituary: http://helenair.com/news/local/obituaries/. We feel increasing gratitude for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that through Him "death may have no sting." Grandma Rose displayed a picture of the Savior as the Shepherd in her room and often pointed us not just to the picture but to the Shepherd.

December 27 and 28

Transfers and God speed to seven elders and one sister leaving a legacy of faith and committed service. In transfer meeting, they shared a “golden truth” that will affect my life forever some of which capture their growth and love for the privilege of a mission: “I know Heavenly Father loves me. I have felt His love for others.” “Jesus is the Christ. It is a joy to bear His name.” “Life on a mission is what you make it.” “I need to continue to plan effectively and as guided by the Spirit. I made a post mission planner.”
As missionaries are assigned to an new area--our mission is 11 1/2 hours across--they take lunch for the road. Transfers are times full of apprehension, full of anticipation.
At the airport, farewells tear are hearts; we love the missionaries we have known and have served with for many, many months. We are excited for their upcoming joys of a valiant return.

The Day after Christmas

A Christmas gift of 11 elders and a sister arrived, twelve full of excitement and apprehension. The President feels that a new missionary trainer is a vital part of a mission. As trainer and new missionary get acquainted, they feel ‘tied up in knots.’ After trying all sorts of antics to find solutions to free themselves from the knots, they discover the answer is simple. They look for applications to their new life as missionaries.

Christmas Eve

A night experiencing a bit of Bethlehem hosted by generous friends, tasting foods of the middle east, enjoying the story of the first Christmas acted by adults strengthened by the reality of the birth of Christ.