Sunday, February 19, 2012

Break in Training

We felt especially grateful for the January Zone Trainings. In fact, we were overwhelmed with a realization that the Spirit had directed not only the planning but also the day's teaching-learning experiences. Preach My Gospel was at the forefront of the day's workshops, with hands on, small group workshops on area books, planning, and finding those prepared to hear the fulness of the gospel. But of course, the elders and sisters enjoy an active challenge as well from an obstacle course encouraging unity to a variation on Do You Love Your Neighbor.

Foundations and Forever Friendships

Joyful reunion in Georgetown, Massachusetts. President Wilkey met with Louise Harpers and her sons, Eric and Dave, whom he had known as a 20 year old missionary serving in a nearby area of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Her deceased husband had welcomed the young elder with warmth and an arm around his shoulder. Young Elder Wilkey looked up to him as a father figure.
One of the sisters in the BYU stake Amy and her husband welcomed us into her family home. Her father introduced us to historical Topsfield, Massachusetts where the ancestors of Joseph Smith lived and raised families. The Smith family were as well founders of the area and were soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

Missionary Coming and Returning

Excitement. Apprehension. Enthusiasm. Anticipation mixed with concern. Overwhelmed. Estatic. Scared. Tired. Wondering. Awe struck. Anxious. Grateful.
Can you guess which are which, the incoming or outgoing missionaries?

Families Can Be Together

in Heavenly Father's plan...

Until We Meet Again

We love our Grandma and Mom Rose! The Legacy Mom left is woven into the eight families who came to honor her as well as extended family and friends.