Saturday, June 22, 2013

First and Lasts

FIRST - 19 new sisters!  28 and our largest group of missionaries to come at one time

with their multitudes of boxed bedding lining the walls of the Mission Office

"There are moments in your life I would like to capture and hold onto forever. ". Sister Spencer 
-trip through Vermont

or Maine

-last walks in our beautiful neighborhood

- zone meetings (This time the training focused on chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel as missionary leaders taught Vision - Goals - Plans- Actions- Accountability)  
with "real' plays
 and sisters' meetings with Sister Training Leaders and Sister Wilkey
last bites of whoopie pie provided throughtfully by Elders Walker, Kunz
-incoming missionaries

-"cafe rio" buffet supper for new missionaries so tired they can hardly stand up

-last photo shoot with new missionaries

-last planning of companionships.

-transfer meeting
-temple trip with outgoing missionaries
last gathering with outgoing missionaries who gave us counsel this time:
  • Remember the The 5 ifs if everything:
  1. Fire your desire every day
  2. Receive revelation every day
  3. Plan to follow Christ daily
  4. Act the plan
  5. Expect miracles. 
  • Keep a heart set upon Christ 
  • No matter the trial never shrink 
  • Practice what you preached  
  • Don't undervalue the little things looking for big spiritual moments.
  • Never stop being a witness of Christ. Always carry the name of Christ .
-training meeting with new missionaries and their trainers

-last Sacrament meeting talk given in the mission in Georgetown, a deja vue for President as several members of the ward were in a ward where he served here as a young missionary over40 years ago
- last Thursday and Sunday night reports received.  Here are two clippings from Thursday night reports.
 Commitment: There are no coincidences only divine crossroads. Sing Hymns in contacting. Result: They were in an area where a lesson fell through. So they decided to box out. They tracted into a woman who was very interested in music. So the sisters sang her a hymn which led to a discussion about the Mormon Tabernacle choir, which led to a gospel discussion. They gave her a Book of Mormon and she invited them back
Commitment: Teach their investigators to “fish” from the Book of Mormon. Action:With their investigator named Graham they started out by reading a Book of Mormon story about Abinadi, they left off at the cliff hanger in the story and committed him to finish reading it on his own and to read the next chapter.
-letters to the President
Last- the letter of release from the First Presidency.
 What a privilege, although a demanding, fatiguing one, of serving as Mission President and wife.  We know of a certainty that this our Heavenly Father knows and loves us personally, that the Jesus Christ directs this work, that we are led constantly by the Holy Ghost.  We can add our witness to that of Ammon who declared his joy in full time service as a missionary: " Ye, ]we] know that [we] are nothing; as to  [our] strength [we] are weak' therefore, [we] will boast of [our] God, for in his strength [we] can do all things; yea, behold many miracles we have [witness] in this land..."  Alma 26:12
I made the comment, "we are about to close this chapter" and a wise gentleman quickly added, "but not the book."
And we add our last testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ,
in the words of the prophet Joseph who said: 'this is the testimony, last of all,
which we give of him: That he lives!" Doctrine and Covenants 76:22


















In memory of the Augusta, Maine soldiers who died in the Civil War
and "commend their example to future generations"

Remembering the women who served as valiantly
In most cities and villages, there is erected a memorial.
On this one for soldiers of the 1st World War is written:
Quiet they rest in this high hope serene
That we for who they died shall kep the faith.

Elder Hatch honoring his 18 month mark wrote his" title of liberty"
remembering Captain Moroni who admonished his followers:
"let us remember to keep the commandments of God." Moroni 46

Elder Terry has decorated a box for his scriptures, a constant reminder
of Him who represent and serve.

Elders Dudley and Phillips stand in front of Bangor Maine chapel
where we have shared innumerable memorable moments.

Marvelous Moment to Remember: the Baptism of Prekash
His mother, uncle and cousin, and Elders Resendez, Parsons, Varney, Wengert and Lozono

A 10 year old drew and colored this picture:
Remembering the shepherd who 'shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them in his bosom," Isaiah 40:11

Remembering the love and devotion of those who strive to serve
God and fellow man, Sister Rainey pictured with Sisters Waite and Sowards
Remembering those whose lives have changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ:
Brother and Sister Luckin

Concord Zone
The thoughtful remembrances from Augusta North Zone

One of many deeply appreciated momentos given to remind
us of our three years of service.
This apron given by Eler Harris and his mother is a reminder of
Sister Wilkey's Inspirational Message

Photo Faces - Attributes

Sense of humor: photographing moment at the close of meetings
Elders Simkins, Hill, Seely, Tewksbury, Ferre and Woodruff
We strive to become Christlike missionaires, to attain Christlike attributes 
PATIENCE - Elders Esplin and Barnes

BROTHERLY KINDNESS - Elders Gassant and Davis

KNOWLEDGE - Elders Lewis and Jessop

HUMILITY - Sisters Smith, Huefner, Griffin and Taylor

CHARITY - Elders Gale and Brown

FAITH - Elder Pruett and Sister Bickel who shared their musical
talent to lift and inspire

HOPE - Elders Knighton and Chronister  All three hoping to emulate the qualities of the prophet
President Monson and his two counselors, President Eyting and President Uchtdorf

OBEDIENCE - Elders Weisenberg and Lund study and prepare

DILIGENCE - Sisters Turley and Talbot share their bread making talents

VIRTUE - Elders  Ferre and Seely from President's childhood home town in Utah

EYE SINGLE to the GLORY of GOD - both Sisters Brown!

With desires to serve God - the polka dot sisters
Sisters Wallantine, Morgan, Brown, Fuller and Wilkey

FAITH - Sister Jensen
FULL of LOVE - President enjoys the wonder of children
with the Fojos three, Sydney, Nicolas and Samantha