Sunday, February 3, 2013

Missionary Moments

Elder Carr is happily passing his second suit to a friend!

Yes, talk to everyone! 
“Behind the Scenes” Work or the “Show Would Not Go On”
Elder Davis manages cars and phones.  Among other needs, Sister Davis fills orders for materials,
prepares baptismal records, publishes the Messenger

Without Elder Benjamin?  Then without apartments, money management, and bills paid.
Yet he enjoys most being out with the younger missionaries in teaching settings.
Who processes all the missionary applications?  Sends out letter after letter?
 Manages the day to day work of the office?  Sister Benjamin

In a less serious moment, Elders Smith and Esplin point out other
areas where they have served.  In their responsibility as assistants, they
still serve in an area as well they represent the president to the misson,
teach and train leaders, and do enormous amounts of planning and executing those plans.
President Wilkey is contemplating the additional missionaries in the coming five months.

An unexpected and definitely unplanned privilege to serve--
Happening upon an accident, we had the opportunity to help
the fortunately not seriously injured driver while the car was extracted
and to take her to her home.
After attending a baptism in Bangor, Maine, we were privileged to
accompany elders in three teaching visits.
An unusual missionary evening, New Year's Eve--
Zone Leaders attended zone leaders' council, then topped off the
meetings with a lively game of scripture 'guesstures' and scripture scroll call.
Those same zone leaders could also change the mood
the following morning in an intense hour of pesonal study.
During the Council, they prepared for zone meetings. 

So what does this do with missionary work?  The object of the 'game' was to have each member of a group of 12-15 missionaries touch the ball in the minimum amount of time.  The first try, the group just jumped in and "did."  But thereafter they were invited to plan.  With a plan, the group dropped time from minutes to a few seconds.
Zone meetings centered on Preach My Gospel,  chapters 2 (How Do I Study Effectively and Prepare to Teach?) and 8 (How Do I Use Time Wisely?)  We were grateful that the zone leaders built the training on our purpose/vision and on goals. 
Elders Walker and Murray
They helped fellow missionaries learn to set goals and then make plans to reach those goals.  Each set of zone leaders involved other missionaries in the instructions. 
Every missionary spent time actually planning .
Elders Dudley, Nielson, Knighton and Jessee
These missionaries are preparing a lesson using their 'area books and planners as well as the scriptures and hymn books.

Elders Barnes, Irving, Robison and Gaunt
 The chapter 2 instruction centered on learning to study to receive revelation,
personally and for those we are responsible to teach and to serve.
Elder Chronister in the foreground
Soon the meetings will have far more sisters!  We are expecting an increase of up to 3 1/2 times the number of sisters we have presently in the mission. 
Sisters Huntsman, Nelson and Rust
We receive occasionally pictures, emails, and even more occasionally, 'snail' mail
from missionarieswho served in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission.
We greatly appreciate their views and news!!


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