Monday, December 24, 2012

The week before Christmas....

'Tis the day before Christmas but in the weeks before
Wreaths and candles have appeared in windows and on door
Ice sculptures have begun to decorate granite stone wall  
While flurries of snow have swirled on pines that grow so tall     
       But not to forget the mailbox with seasonal cheer                                              
  Which of course brings greetings from friends and family dear
Thoughts of gifts and giving are part of the season
But missionaries courageously and daily speak of the reason.
However this particular invitation in the church foyer
Reminded all who enter that the gift desired by the Savior
Is us--the box contains at the bottom a mirror--
President Wilkey encourages us to give a 'set apart' heart.       
Two missionaries, serving with heart, mind and will
Fashioned these monkey fist knots as gifts to fulfil
Their purpose and in their words slightly altered
 “This knot is used by sailors to get big lines to shore. 
They tie stringer lines with monkey fist knots secure
  Then throw the monkey fist to sailors on the land.
 This allows those men on the dock to pull on demand 
The big lines and bring the boats safely to harbor.
Like the monkey fist allows sailors to toss lines to shore,
The gospel of  the Savior, Jesus Christ allows us
To get our lives safely tied to the shores of eternal life.” 

 The week brought as visitors happily welcome:
Once elder, Connor Fairbanks and Tessa, his companion
The one he'll eternally cherish, even His best, his wife.
That's joy: knowing missionaries move on with life.
The moments of wonder were varied and many:
Interviews (President helped each solve his/her own concern)
Companion study with Sister Wilkey, a time to learn
More of the Holy Ghost and this gift, most precious.
And yes, there are moments to enjoy the delicious
Privilege of meetings with missionary and congregation
Who are unified in bringing peace to this nation.
And what to our wondering eyes did appear a book
(Here is the photo of the cover page to give a look)
That sure enough is 41 years old and now sold
As an antique and found by Schucks who delight
In directing the site where the wonder of seasonal light
Point to the Savior, the LIGHT, the Truth, the Way.

Notice the Fishers, the couple whose love grew exponentially
As they have served as missionaries at the Memorial
Sharing with others the life of Joseph Smith in a "tutorial"
Divinely directed to build faith in our Redeemer
To whom the prophet pointed to in his every endeavor.

Missionaries seek not only many opportunities of service
But also to share the gifts of the music of Christmas.
This violinist who is part of a family of musicians
Exemplifies her faith as she musically plays her devotions,
Filling this season with inspiring music, each hymn
Proclaiming the marvelous birth of the baby in  Bethlehem.

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