Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude for Love and Unity

Not only are we grateful of the love of God for us but the love of God that can reside in us

When missionaries seek with real intent, with sincere prayer to be filled with this love, miracles happen in their lives and in the lives of companions, of areas, of those they serve and teach.

A recently returned missionary emulated this Christlike atttibute.  He could honestly say, " I have come to know that love and charity, the pure love of Christ needs to play a huge role in companionships, and a lot of 'swallowing your pride!'"

The October missionaries who have returned
exemplified that love in their dedication and loyalty
Elders Farley, Baker, Neibergull, Iglinski, Novakavich and Somerfeldt

There is a unity of elders who arrive and depart together.
Elders Nunley, Gaykowski, Bayles, Manley, Schnebly

Yes, we've been 'heart attacked,' just one way sisters
show their love for others. Sister Nelson pictured
with Sisters Johnson, Wallentine and Jaret left scriptures, one particularly that affected us:
 Romans 10:14-15 "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace,
 and bring glad tidings of great things!"

The love Elders Dorantes and Levie felt for the families that accepted
the fullness of the gospel and who look forward to sealing
ordinances of the temple that will bind them together
for eternity is unfathomable.

The following is a clipping from Sister Wilkey's journal: "Today I heard a most precious and enthusiastic testimony. Brother ____ , a convert of about 10 years recounted briefly the turbulence of his life for about 30 years preceding his baptism. He had made a series of choices that led to sadness and a divorce. His father even had the audacity to suggest that he end his life. But then this valiant convert found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the love of the Savior, repentance and the joy of change. After his baptism he was called into the nursery. Brother _____ with simplicity and a voice reflecting love and gratitude said , "In nursery I felt the pure love of God through the children who loved me with a pure and an unconditional love."

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