Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Merry Heart Doth Good Like a Medicine - Proverbs 17

(Okay so Sister Wilkey is the writer).  President Wilkey has a cheerful heart.  He has never taken himself too seriously, even though he's really serious about following the Savior.  That's only one thing I love about him.  As you can see, the missionaries take time to "remember" the state of his head.

Sisters Johnson and Nelson foung the perfect comb for President.
 We have found that typos often make for great humor:

"I have defiantly felt like a new missionary in the past few weeks."
"I am so greatful to be a part of the salvation of even a few souls; it brings Elder Bald and myself so much joy."

There's nothing quite like the mixed up words from predictive texting:
When I was trying to write "Preach My Gospel,"  it came out "Preachy Fossil." (maybe a self description)
And the magic of children's laughter maketh like the best medicine!!  Jason and Erin Hatch and their three children, Ryan, Megan and Katelyn, loved playing in the fall leaves.

Someone called serving a mission, "Happy Exhaustion."  We concur.  Here is a journal entry from the Bangor Stake Conference. 
Nov. 3, 2012.
Both of us were really or are really fatigued. Long days of Zone meetings Wednesday through today, Saturday.
We forgot our outer lothes - yes, with only one set of clothes for five days--  so we also went to more stores than we would like--three--to find an extra shirt for Dave and a shirt and jacket for me.

We tried over and over to decide the composition of our talks 15-20 minutes for each of us--5:36 pm.   Meeting at 6 pm. Had an hour of quiet including dinner from Hannafords grocery store. Nothing. We opened our scriptures and Preach My Gospel.  Jotted down a couple of notes   No definitive thoughts.
Then as we stood to speak, ideas flooded our minds and hearts.  I was priveleged to "hear" from myself a lesson from the scriptures and from my Dad as a shepherd to teach us about following the Good Shepherd.  President asked a key question, "Are we prepared for the prepared?" referring to the expectation that we will received in the coming months an increased of 80 missionaries due to the surge resulting from the prophetic announcement in October General Conference.

Boston Mission President Kent Bowen. "The kingdom of God is often built at the edge of exhaustion. Why? Miracles come after all we can do."  That we know!

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