Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dedication - Devotion - Diligence

 Photos can not capture what the three words attempt to describe.  The senior missionaries serving at the Joseph Smith Memorial devote themselves to care for the grounds, the buildings.  Sister Vernon and her husband were serving their third mission.  Elder Fisher who introduces himself as 5 foot 24 inches has served with his wife at the Memorial for a year and a half, daily conduting tours for individuals and families such as the Wards here with their son, a returned NHMM missionary.

Picture poses hardly tell the story of the dedication of the Seventy (See Luke 10:1,17 and Doctrine and Covenants 107:34)  Eldr Marcus B. Nash and his wife, Shelley, spent three days in the mission strengthening us and the missionaries by word and example.  Among the words of counsel given by Elder Nash which will continue to be part of mission culture are as follows:

Invite others to come to Christ with boldness which courage, confidence, clarity.
Prepare every day of your mission for the Sacrament.
Identify Book of Mormon scriptures that answer questions of the soul.
Maintain your dignity as a missionary 100% of the time.
Serve and Teach.
Ask inspired questions

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