Monday, September 17, 2012

Missionaries Are Nice

“Missionaries are nice,” was Emma’s conclusion after a district meeting in Laconia, New Hampshire. After also actively participating in the district meeting, Vincent concluded, “Miracles can happen when you are on a mission.”  Both felt the power of scripture study and the “real” play following the lesson on honoring the Sabbath day.

The wonderful missionaries pictured with Emma are Elders Levie and Dorantes.
Janae is with Sisters Capito and Caffall, giving stellar service in Wolfeboro; Sebastian with Elders Irving and Preslar, loving their privilege to teach in Laconia. Elders Slater and Lewis were also at the meeting.

As you can see in the background, we weren't the only family
overwhelmingly happy about our visitors
   From the missionaries, we realized again the power in the Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel such as teaching by the Spirit and prayer.  Sister Capito said, “'When we stray from the fundamentals, our investigators just don't progress.”.  Elder Levie commented, “Through all the fundamentals, we invited the Spirit and we can work smoothly so that we and fulfill our purpose.”
Emma reaches toward the beautiful flowers on the Boston Temple grounds

Vince and Emma loved discovering!

Sebastian and Vince
Family Is Nice!!

We are grateful for the privilege to have had the Nilsson family’s love, support and encouragement. 

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