Monday, September 17, 2012

MISSIONARY MOMENTS – Mundane and Magnificent

We are relieved that Elder Peterson is recuperating well and
so are his three fellow missionaries, Elders Cook, Shelby and Garner

Gratitude. Have we expressed our gratitude for the devoted service of the senior missionaries—husband and wife—who serve several missions in the northeast as medical advisors? Dr. Saunders was available to consult for many medical concerns ranging from a persistent finger rash to a ruptured appendix.

We do see constantly the Lord’s protection, even when difficulties arise like the ruptured appendix.  Despite the seriousness, the elder’s companion and his district rallied to help him.  His companion wrote: “Tuesday night at the hospital emergency room while I waiting for my companion to go through all kinds of tests I felt like I needed to do something with my time so I pulled out The Book of Mormon started to read. At the time my companion was very in and out from the medicine they had him on. But four days later, he told me that when he woke up that night and saw me reading from The Book of Mormon he felt peaceful for the first time at the hospital and knew things would be ok. That experience strengthened my testimony of one more thing that the Book of Mormon can do in a time of need.”
Joy.  Individuals and families accept the invitation to come to Christ and His Atonement.

Happiness surrounded by our wonderful missionaries and our beloved New England brothers and sisters

President Wilkey enjoys moments he can share his magic tricks
and a friendly conversation.

Elders Dorantes and Levie pose with the Dubois family.

Missionaries return with their families after having served an honorable mission.
Sister Shaw returned with her family! 
Mitch Schwab returned with his wife!!

Satisfaction.  Finding a clean, orderly missionary apartment where the Spirit is welcome.
Discovering a missionary apartment door with uplifting notes and organization for a day’s work
Elders Jessee and Garner serve in Belfast Maine

These missionaries in Rockland will always leave their
apartment with a plan and an 'uplift."

Sisters Nelson, Wallentine, Johnson and Jaret
Smiles.  Catching the thoughtful sisters “heart attacking” the car.

               Enjoying the Assistants’ birthday “greeting” to the president on our front lawn.

Finding the greeting President Wilkey likes to use on a school marquee.

with Sisters Benjamin, Horton and Huntsman
Peace.  Temple moments with missionaries.

Embarrassment.  Old age is having a mouthful of green after eating lunch.

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