Monday, September 17, 2012

“all things denote there is a …Supreme Creator” Alma 30:44

SURVIVOR!  We marveled at a tree downed and still surviving.

Imagine...a golf ball

Janae noticed this one, a walking stick

President Wilkey constantly urges the missionaries to “live the little things,” and “that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass,” (Alma 37:6).  He sees in each missionary greatness and divine potential. 

Similarly when we are going for our preparation day walks, he sees not only the grand picture—the magnificence of the Acadia National Park landscape and the beauty of one of many lakes--but he sees the small and simple—a caterpillar crossing the path to the mushrooms “blooming” this time of year.
Quick four hour visit in Acadia National Park

"Survey large fields and cultivate small ones." Harold B Lee

Acadia on a clear day.  Photo by Elder Ward

Acadia on a less clear day

Sister and Elder Starley
Elder and Sister Starley have served a year and a half at the Joseph Smith Memorial, giving freely their talents and time.  She designed and chose the flowers to be planted and they are beautiful.  Another one of the senior sisters shared one of the many miracles of those who maintain the grounds: “it was amazing. We should not have been able to transplant 14-20 inch tall bare root flowers in the August heat and have them live. They not only lived, but two of them are now blooming just five days later.”

Continuing to stress “leave no trace,” President Wilkey admonishes missionaries to leave the churches where they meet, the apartments and cars they use “no trace” clean.  In theory, each follows the counsel.  In practice…….

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