Monday, September 17, 2012


A simple google search yields innumerable ‘finds” for identity crisis.  This month—just for fun—we have been noticing the “identity” people place on their license plates: GR8LYF, WRDMAJK, LV2LAFF, BOSXFN (in northern New England YAKEFN would be dangerous!).  Remember the license plate game you used to play as children?  Do you have a favorite among the several we have found?  Notice how the plate and the make, model or colors of the car often coordinate.

Our purpose as missionaries is to help others to know their true identity as children of God with divine potential, a potential that blossoms through faith in Jesus Christ and willingness to follow His example and His commandments.
In our zone meetings of late July through early August, the stake presidents and/or their wives pled with missionaries to realize their identity not only as a child of God, but as a representative of Jesus Christ.  Repeatedly they counseled them to be missionaries to match their message.

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