Monday, September 17, 2012


Farmers’ Markets and road side stands with vegetables and fruits purchased on the honor system.

  A side note: Our missionary with an emergency appendectomy and his companion always do service at the farmers market.  When the ‘well’ elder showed up for service with another companion, they were asked lots of questions. Many people were deeply concerned. Those people generously showing their love pitched in to get food for the elders and to send cards and flowers.  Even better, two of the people visited the hospitalized elder before heading to their homes.

A wonderful visit with the mission presidency second counselor, President Goodrich and his wife Ruth, and a wonderful experience listening to the loons on the lake. 

Appreciating the rich and colorful heritage of the New England states.

Countless road side signs heralding the upcoming elections.  The Church has again unmistakably announced its stand of political neutrality and the encouragement of individual members to serve in their communities and nations and to vote in their respective areas.

Seven new missionaries—we love their enthusiasm—came on September 3rd.  Elder Harrison is trying his first fluffer nutter sandwich.  Elder Niebergull, a ‘seasoned’ missionary is enjoying his.

Endearing and enduring New Englandisms—the sign on the front door.  Go around to the back!
Cemetery after cemetery, this one with the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop.

Wondering if we were really in Maine or??

Acadia National Park

Where are we??

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