Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faces - Zion's Youth in latter days

 As Zions' youth in latter days,
We stand with valiant heart

Even the not quite as youthful, unite to lift and build others
 With promise shining in our eyes,
Resolved to do out part.

Sister Aeshbacher and Berg

Upon a noble past we build;
The future fills our view.
We face the challenge or ourday
And pledge we will be true
Missionaries of the Manchester Zone "toast" with bottled water
They may tire of hearing: drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
 The truths and values we embrace
Are mocked on ev'ry hand.

Elder and Sister Peterson from bring "Arizona " warmth to the Memorial

Sister and Elder Osborne point to the actual location of the home-so small by our standards-
in which Joseph Smith was born and joined his family of six.
Yet as we listen and obey
We know we can withstand
The evils that would weaken us,
The sin that would destroy.
Elder and Sister Dykes from President's home community
bring not only devotion and skill but enthusiasm and optimism as
missionaries who help maintain the grounds and buildings

The Shefchiks lived on our same street.  They have spent countless hours
beautifying, maintaining grounds as well as the Christmas displays.
 With faith, we hold the iron rod
And find in this our joy.
Elder Johnson, Memorial director,  and his wife stand by the bronze statue
of the  prophet Joseph who taught all to stand by and live by
and worship the Savior Jesus Christ.
 Through test and trial we'll have our fears
How can we thank enough, President and Karen Hawkes (left) and Ruth and President Goodrich (right)
Wisdom, enthusiasm and ability to teach from the scriptures are only three gifts that President Hawkes has shared.
President Goodrich with wit and good humor has counseled us to not only pray for opportunities to share the gospel
but to willingly emulate in word and deed our Redeemer  Jesus Christ.
But we will not despair.
Augusta Stake President Jeff Thomas and his wife Nancy have not only served and strengthened
countless others, but have lifted us.  We have deeply appreciated our associations with all five
stake presidents and their wives.
 We're here to serve a righteous cause;
Sister Berg is a faithful woman who has weathered trials.
We love these wonderful people of New England.
 Truth gives us strength to dare.
President enjoys sharing 'magic' tricks.  .

The Franklin family.  How much have we enjoyed them.  We knew Brother Franklin
as a boy, watched him grow and lead and love others.
 We'll love, and learn, andovercome;
We'll sing a joyful song.
Nothing like the lunch at zone conference.  Elder Dudley is facing the camera.

The Dawbin family aand others unite to prepared and serve the meal for 80!!
 As Zions' youth in latter days
Triumphant, pure and strong."
Even adults are wlling to watch a magic trick.
The Swain family of Heritage farms are one of many families
who are pure and strong.

The Scott Earnshaw family have shared their hearts
and home with innumerable others including us!
The sister missionaries and Kelly Walter were
guests this particular evening.

What could be more wonderful than a return visit! This one with
John Somerfeldt, once Elder Somerfeldt, and his wife McKenzie and his parents.

Indeed, treated like a queen by Elders Pruett andCrockett.
We have prayed for a French speaking missionary and he was
sent to us in the person of Elder Pruett.
Measuring up!  Elder Resendez and Elder Parsons both near 6' 4"
Both have raised their performance and measured up to the Lord's expectations.

All missionaries like this one, Elder Sheriff,  respect the rules of interactions with children, a safety precaution.
But this missionary, with his companion close by, is listening intently to a
child who looks to the missionary as an example.

President Wilkey has appreciated opportunities to teach youth men and young women.

To think that as a young missionary, President Wilkey had hair like Elder Harper.
Elder Harper is one of many missionaries who come well prepared to serve
 with heart, might, mind and strength and an eye single to the glory of God.
Who is who?  Elder Benjamin or President Wilkey??
lyrics of hymn, "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days"
Yes, missionaries do have funny moments.  President had the three assistants, Elders Murray, Cornia and Woodruff,  pose
as if they are hanging onto the hood of the car while traveling at a high speed. Good lesson: no speeding!

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