Friday, June 21, 2013

Downeast Maine


"Berry" good = Downeast Maine
Blueberry fields to rugged coast to lighthouses

Enjoying the valiant Saints of Machias at a pot luck suppah.

Realizing the joy, a son being baptized by his father. (Miles Carter)
Jason and Miles Carter with Elders Hansen and Goff

Received generously by the Looks
The Looks stand in front of lobster traps.
He is a lobstah man and she manages the blueberry fields in their backyard-
-besides myriads of other hobbies and service.

Yesterday's memories are today's happy recollections.
blueberry fields skirt the far north Atlantic coast

water falls tumble into the ocean

lupine dots the roadsides

Blueberries bear in the second year.  These are the small and
delectable wild lbueberries.

President stands in front of Quoddy Light.

The Quoddy Light guides sailors safely
through the wild rocky coast.

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