Sunday, May 27, 2012


?So you wonder if we really  sit down and learn? 
? Is it all 'play' in the conferences, leadership training and teaching opportunities?                                      Actually there is not time nor is it appropriate to
 take photos in most of the meetings.  In the past zone conference May 15 and 17, we studied together the gift of the Holy Ghost and felt again reverence for the third member of the Godhead and his vital role as a witness, comfort and guide.  One elder's favorite quote from conference "Listen to learn.  Learn to listen.  (Russell M Nelson) with the addition of Listen to love and Love to listen" came in a workshop on helping missionaries listen to one another, to those they teach. The session which began in a group of 60-80 ended in groups of 4 or 5 in which the elders and sisters practiced listening.  Many felt as the president promises that these practices or real plays as we call them are not just for practice but for receiving revelation.

So what in the world are the elders and sisters doing in the photos?  The sisters are twisted into a knot that can be untwisted but only through group cooperation.  The elders are playing dragon's nest.  The group was divided equally with each group having a pile of candy in their hula hoop nest.  The goal?  Get the largest pile of candy. The rules? . You may move your nest.  You can not throw the candy but pick it up and place it on the ground.  You can change the placement of your nest.  You have a certain amount of time to act.  Stop and restrategize.  You may pick up your nest. 

It was interesting to watch competitiveness finally change for some teams who turned competition  into cooperation as they realized that the goal was not to get more candy than someone else but to accumulate the most possible and that they could cooperate to conquer.  On the other hand you can see the three who remained determined to stand alone.

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