Sunday, May 27, 2012


On the very western edge of our mission lies Ticonderoga, the location of Fort Ticonderoga situated as a most strategic point between Lake Champlain and Lake George. Built in 1758, the fort played a key role in the Revolutionary War. Restored and maintained as a monument to the commitment of men and women to maintain their rights of liberty, it features actors who play the part of those who lived in the fort. Among those who went through the fort were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
The face of one of the wax figures in the art museum of the fort depicts the kind of commitment that we hope to inspire in each of the missionaries.  We hope that each one will feel commitment to the purpose of inviting others to come to Christ.
new significance to hedge up the way

One of the women who repairs clothing and shoes
Our missionaries better not complain about their apartments

Working while spending a few preparation day moments at the fort

Walking the Kings' Gardens and of course on the phone

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