Sunday, May 27, 2012

Learning from Lobstering

 One delightful morning, we --President and wife, Devin, Janene, Collin and Clayton-- were privileged to go with Dave Merryman, a Maine lobster man to watch him work.

Here's a bit of what we saw and learned:

Lobster traps work a great deal like the adversary.  Entice. Ensnare.  Though lobster traps today are different than those of President's mission here 40 years ago, the theory is the same: "all have a funnel type entrance in which the lobster can crawl inside but makes it harder for it to crawl back out. The inside has two sections, the kitchen and the parlor. The lobster enters through the funnel door into the kitchen, where the bait is tied. After taking the bait, the lobster not being able to exit back through the funnel door, goes into the parlor where it is trapped until it is released." (  Likewise the lobster must be released; we must be released of sin and guilt through the atonement of the Mediator, Jesus Christ.

Lobster now a delicacy was once only the food for slaves and fertilizer for gardens.  By the 1800's it became a highly desired meat.  Does our desire change when we understand the true significance of something?
Lobsters are measured.  Too small or too big=thrown back
Star fish!!

Seals on the bank

Boat pilot

lobsters are kept alive in seaweed till ready for cooking

Clayton doesn't know about this procedure
The day of lobstering ended with eating the catch.

It's actually good.

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