Monday, April 23, 2012


Missionary responses

Sometimes President gets frustrated.  But then he will receive these kinds of insights from missionaries and we realize how blessed we are to have a missionary program to help strengthen and bless lives, not only of those we serve but of those serving.  Look for the funnies as well!
Elder Tanner and Elder Sommerfeldt are enjoying a moment between workshops at Specialized Training.

*I have found that the happiest moments on my mission are when I am focused on loving people.
* I know that God has a grand purpose for all of his children. From the experiences I have had, I have learned that God's ways are higher than ours. I know that the God loves us and that he works through others to reveal plans to us.
*We visited Sister K and started reading more of the Book of Mormon with her and we could easily see that the Spirit was teaching her to the point to where she was pretty excited when we left!
*Last night our plans fell through. Then our back up plans fell through. Then our back up back up plans fell through and discouragement started to creep in. Recognizing this, we immediately got on to our knees. The very second we did I was at peace. I didn’t know what Heavenly Father had planned for us but I knew He had plans. So as we were walking across the cold river we both received a prompting to call a member who rarely attends church. We found out that he was in critical care at the hospital and had a huge infection in his face. When we got to the hospital and he was waiting for us. He needed us but couldn’t get hold of us from the hospital.  Heavenly Father knew Brother T needed us so He provided the way by clearing out our schedule that night. This reminded me strongly that this is His work and His plans.
*I am so excited to see how implementing the principles of Preach My Gospel into our work have yielded such great results.   As my companion and I have strived to apply what we have learned not only in Chapter 9 but all of the chapters, we have seen those we are teaching not  triple in size but it's fast approaching to being quadrupled!!!
*Ps...You asked for those pictures on my camera. Next week I will send you pictures next week, since I forgot my memory cards.
*I have been focusing quite a bit on chapter 10 in Preach My Gospel, trying to improve my teaching skills and trying to learn how to help people feel the Spirit most effectively. As I have focused on different teaching skills I have seen each aspect I have focused on get better and have seen how I can continue to improve.

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