Monday, April 23, 2012


We were walking this morning--April 23rd.  It was raining hard but President got out his huge umbrella which amply covers both of us but is rather heavy to hold up for the 30 minutes.  So we held it together, or shall we say, he did the holding and Sister Wilkey held up the arm of the holder.  It made us think of the counsel Jethro gave his son-in-law Moses (Exodus 18:18) who was trying to carry the heavy burdens of his responsibilities, leading the people out of Eygpt.  Now that makes our tasks seem light!  Nevertheless, it is rainy-sometimes it pours with problems and concerns--and president does carry the umbrella of responsibilities from individual missionary worries to training and teaching to transfer planning, zone conference planning and teaching, working with wards and branches, interviews, both missionaries and often those wishing to be baptized and so on.  So as his wife and companion, I have the privilege of holding up his arm.  It's a responsibility that ever changes but is a privilege of counseling and shared concern.

posing in Gloucester Massachusetts a far south point of the mission

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Ali the B. said...

Oh you two are SO amazing alone AND together!!! I hope all is well, it looks like it is going great!
I miss seeing you & look forward to your return!!
Things here are good, boys are growing too fast, school is nearly done, then I will have a high school student, a jr. high student & a elementary student!! Can that be possible??!! For now, I have a teacher, a deacon & a ray of sunshine that sits by me on the bench (well Matt can be a ray as well!! ;) )
I love you both!!
You are in our thoughts & prayers, keep staying strong & thanks for the example you are to me, every day!!
Love you!!