Monday, April 23, 2012

When ye are assembled

Visiting with Elder Eyring, Richard Heaton and President Evans
President Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy

"when ye are assembled togehter ye shall instruct and edify each other,..." (Doctrine and Covenants 43:8)
What a privilege to assemble with fellow mission presidents and their wives to be lifted, taught and inspired.  Elder Jay E. Jensen, next to President Wilkey is tall not only in height but in spirit.  He opens the pages of scriptures to us, gives us deeper appreciation of the Book of Mormon, gently corrects and encourages.  Elder Marcus B. Nash taught us constantly through inspired questions.
Elder Carlson once an F-16 pilot and 2 (or so stars) general gave us encouragement through well placed stories. Brother Richard Heaton, the son of one of President's beloved BYU instructors, himself a gifted teacher taught us through the teaching model: explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate, repractice. And we had fun learning! We also had time to visit with one another, strengthen and build.

President with President Jeppson.

In a single session we mission president wives met together with Sisters Jensen, Nash and Carlson.  We had an opportunity to share especially our concerns with handling medical and emotional issues of the missionaries.

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