Monday, July 30, 2012


The Savior ministered to others one by one.

One favorite two by two experience we have--though it is too rare--
is to have  join missionaries for their weekly planning.
 We appreciate the way Elders Barfuss and Mitchell plan to reach goals

While a companionship waited for their interviews--every three months--with President Wilkey, Sister Wilkey had the privilege to help the waiting companionship to go onto and to feel the strong pull of the "Spirit of Elijah," the Holy Ghost witnessing of the importance and joy of families. Elders Baker and Johnson look for their ancestors.
Elder Simkins of Enterprise, Utah is loving the people
 and the area of coastal Ellsworth, Maine
Elder Wikan just entered the mission,
leaving Hurricane, Utah

The new missionaries arrive exhausted from the Missionary Training Center.  Elder Sommerfeldt, an Assistant, is showing Elder Brown a map of the Mission.
Elder and Sister Davis-
Didn't we say it before:
 we love senior missionaries
-- bring many talents to the Mission,
 including the arranging of flowers.

Sharing, teaching, serving--one companionship in Ascutney, Elders Rogers and Thorn to one couple

A very rare exception--a baptism in a lake
Baptism by immersion even as the Savior
was baptized is one by one

“Leadership assignments must never be viewed as a way to obtain personal recognition or advancement, but rather as opportunities to serve others, to develop greater love and to learn”  Missionary Handbook, 55

Meeting the new missionaries at the airport
“As goes the training of new missionaries, so goes the mission.” (Jeffrey R. Holland) For the recent transfer—the fewest missionaries coming in during the year—President Wilkey first chose the trainers, the mission leaders who set the tone for the new missionaries’ entire experience.   The president sometimes helps the district leaders understand the nature of their responsibility—to nurture, to teach, to encourage each missionary within that district—by helping them realize they must minister as the Savior, one by one.
Four small districts from the coastal regions of Maine met for Interview Day.

Zone Leaders pictured below maintain responsibility for the overall direction of their zone.

Break at lunch.  Time for shoe shines

And time for making menus and grocery lists.
Yes, the NHMM missionaries do have to learn to cook for themselves, on a budget.
Elder Esplin
Elders Adams and Sommerfeldt waiting for President to finish a phone call

Assistants lift and strengthen the president and do a whole lot of organizing, planning and carrying out of plans.  All are essential!

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