Monday, July 30, 2012

Cherishing Pets

Premier Dog Day Care Center, Bedford

Evidence: these New Englanders cherish their pets!!

Elder Tanner with the pets of someone
he and his companion are teaching
Article in local Bedford newspaper

A common sight
Self explanatory
Animal Hospital on wheels

Care for animals next door to Gold's Gym.  
With this genuine caring for animals, we askedWhat happens to animals after they die?  These two clips from the website give some thoughts as per the question.
According to the Prophet Joseph Smith, there are at least some animals in heaven. He said:
“John saw curious looking beasts in heaven; … actually there, giving glory to God. … (See Rev. 5:13.) …
So, although we don’t have a complete understanding of what happens to animals after they die, we believe that they will enjoy some kind of salvation and immortality. March 2012 Liahona

“I have always had a love of nature and animals…It has been the principal theme in my artwork. It seems appropriate now that my artwork can serve to illustrate one of the most fundamental messages of the gospel: that God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all things that are in them, that all nature bears testimony of that divinely directed creation, and that there is complete harmony between nature, science, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.”  Boyd K Packer   Church News 20 APRIL 2012

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