Monday, July 30, 2012

Mainely Unique

What is distinctively unique in Maine?  Enjoy only a few glimpses of our beloved Maine:

Wicked = extraordinary
Water fountain is a bubbler.  A shopping cart is carriage .

A sister who is not only an excellent missionary but an artist described their northern Maine area on this envelope sent to the Mission Office

Maniac = Born and raised in Maine

Put your (yar) pizzar boxes and tonic bottles in the rubbish.
 It's in the door yard. (yawd)

All in one sign!

Indicative of the sagging economy in the state

Okay look at the harbor in Belfast not the cheesy glamour? shot

Beautiful northern Maine
Moonlit night on the Atlantic

sign on the restrooms in Ogunquit

Antique stores dot scenic route 1 on the Atlantic
indicative of the age of the state

crossing from Maine into New Hampshire

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