Monday, June 18, 2012


We stop to photograph the flowers, listen to the birds, examine the rocks and in this case, notice the trees intertwining, all of which is a great excuse for also being slow.  Observant sounds so much better.

The photograph does not do justice to the actual scene, two trees, a maple and a birch with roots entwined, both reaching heavenward at least 80 feet.  (The trees here are really tall.  Eighty is probably an underestimation.)  Even though the trees were alone, you can see that off at a short distance other trees.  What a wonderful photographic parable for marriage.  Two trees, roots together, deep in the soil of the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet both are independent, singular, supporting one another.  Perhaps all the trees in the periphery are those who support and strengthen the couple.  (We appreciate the great support from our family and friends.)

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