Monday, June 18, 2012

Return with Honor

What do we do with the returning missionaries?  It's a joyful time for those who have given their all with a "set apart" heart, who have looked forward with an eye of faith and who have sought to love and to teach as the Savior.  It's also a day of contemplation for them, a day to share memories.
We're all posing in front of the fireplace.  (Actually it has not yet functioned as a fireplace but it's great as a gathering place.)  Meet all eight: Elders Nyman, Crowther, Cash, Nicholes, Liston and Lowe and Sister Holyoak and Walter. 
And indeed, I am as 'mommish' as ever.  The elders cleaned the kitchen after breakfast.  And lest you pity me for unending laundry, pity no more.  Granted their were 14 towels and sets of sheets on Wednesday after all had gone, but the missionaries do make their own beds and clean up after themselves. 

 No surprise.  One of the favorite memory books for the returning missionaries to look at is that of wedding announcements.  Elder Crowther looks rather serious.  Is he?

Before we take the departing missionaries to the airport, we have time for questions, sharing experiences and testimonies, the "man talk" from the President, personal interviews for each one, a Preach My Gospel study together designed to encourage continued application of the principles therein. Elder Cash is sharing scriptures from the Book of Mormon that answered a personal question of his.  One of Elder Nyman's personal goals was to memorize a scripture a day.  He did it!

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