Monday, June 18, 2012

See Them in White

We have seen innumerable bushes and trees with white blossoms.  The lilac trees and dogwoods smell heavenly.  
So can any one identify for us the insect and the flower on the right above?  

 See Them in White is one of what I call the President Wilkeyisms. He loves to coin catchy phrases.  Of course he teaches often from the scriptures; but he also has what he says are short, pithy statements. 
See them in white emphasizes to each missionary the importance of reaching eternal goals, of receiving all the ordinances and covenants that bind us to our Father in Heaven, including those of the temples.
Here are a few others:
       Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance or promotes proper performance.
7     Have a set apart heart and an eye of faith.
       Feed faith and your doubts will starve to death.
       The things that matter most last the longest.

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