Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joy and Sweet Sorrow - Departing Missionaries

Time has disappeared since the end of August when several outstanding missionaries returned to their family homes. Highlights of mission departures: 1. For President, the departure interviews. One he had permission to share. The young man who had given a full measure when invited to share how his mission has affected him, he said in essence, “I didn’t know who I am when I came out. (He looked up at a picture of the Savior with tears of gratitude.) For me, it is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “
2. Another is the privilege of serving in Boston Temple the final day in the mission.
3. We love the testimonies borne by those valiant missionaries at the transfer meeting.
4. Another is our gratitude for those who have declared with full purpose of heart the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, “the founder of peace…who has redeemed his people.” (see Mosiah 15” 14-19, Isaiah 52:7) Usually then their feet—okay their shoes are not beautiful upon the mountains.

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