Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joseph Smith Memorial - Look Heavenward

Pardon the picture that looks like the photographer had her head cocked - there is nothing 'crooked' in the granite shaft that points heavenward at the Joseph Smith Memorial. We were privileged to have Elder Scott C. Grow and his wife Rhonda come to the mission on a scheduled tour Spetember 16-22. Pictured with Elder Grow and his wife Rhonda is Elder Schuck who with his wife serve as the directors of the Memorial.

After a day of constant drizzling rain, the sun parted the clouds. Really we do have sunshine in New England along with much rain! How else would we have so many trees and such incredibly beautiful foliage in the fall?


Erin said...

Excellent updates! So many experiences! It would be difficult to remember them all but you seem to do quite well in that area!

Janene Wilkey said...

I love your pictures and comments. This will be so good to look back on. The Lord does love us and teaches us in so many ways: nature, missions, flooding, etc. Thank you for the reminder.