Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So what was really the mission in November?

  • Prayer – lots of. Pleading for inspiration and strength to know what to do and help to do it
  • Illnesses- of missionaries. 9 hours in an emergency room. Sadly putting a sister on the plane after 2 months of health struggles (She has surgery this day in fact. We are hoping she will return soon.) Trying to find doctors who don’t want to take short-term patients.
  • Meetings- zone leaders’ council, zone specialized training, three day specialized training for 40 elders and sisters, one by one interviews (Dad), zone conference with Elder Walker of the Seventy; Speaking - three stake conferences, one ward Sacrament meeting, fireside
  • Transfers and transfer planning.
  • Three gallons taco soup inhaled at zone leaders’ council, café rio salad, the all-time missionary favorite, 16 sets of sheets in the laundry, enumerable phone calls all day long (Dad)
  • Missionaries in and out of the home. Singing around the piano with the departing elders
  • Feeling overwhelmed that we can look back at the steps of inspiration we took, had sought with real intent and only realized in retrospect
  • Laughter and tears.

  • Dad’s constant message: Have a set apart heart, a consecrated heart.
  • Blustery, cold days with the sun down at 4:30 pm
  • Beautiful Christmas crèches (over 1000 of them) in two crèche exhibits
  • Three trips to Vermont, one to Bangor Maine.
  • Two poopy experiences with food poisoning
  • Missionary concerns, challenges, crises, joys, successes and growth.
  • Miracle of knowing that when we are doing the will and the work of the Lord, we are never alone.

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