Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Gratitudes of November (besides those of home and family)

  1. The sure witness of God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ borne by the prophet Joseph.
  2. The humble birthplace of Joseph in Vermont. This is the hearthstone where the baby Joseph was laid after his birth on December 23, 1805.
  3. With stake conferences, zone conference and meetings, three day trainings, we have witnessed the amazing fruition of the promise that we will have words given us to speak in the very hour they are needed if we treasure up the words of life. (D.C. 84:85). Dad-Dave spoke or trained in over half the days of the month; L spoke and supported.
  4. Missionaries! We were sad that two left last week due to illness. Nine departed early in November having completed their service. Missionaries come in every personality and devotion level possible.
  5. The inspiration of living apostles evidenced in the Improving Teaching Effectiveness curriculum that helps missionaries to become better teachers.

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