Sunday, November 7, 2010

These are a few of our favorite things...

These are few of our favorite things…

Enjoying the beauty of the area of the office building where the New Hampshire Manchester mission office is located.

Walking and talking together in morning exercise

Teaching, tracting with missionaries—a highlight!!

Dinner in an Amish home

Meeting people from all over the area, the world for that matter

Transfer week every 6 weeks, meeting new missionaries, sadly sending some home Sadder, ones who left because of sickness.

Traveling together to meetings, teaching appointments, stake conferences, zone conferences, interviews and seeing the beautiful autumn colors of New England

Having to overcome lots of hard things with faith in Christ and confidence that we can become equal to the challenges

Hearing “Called to Serve” sung by a group of missionaries any size who can harmonize “Chosen e’er to witness for his name, Far and wide we tell the Father’s story…” with conviction

Having missionaries who enhaled café rio salad clean up after themselves

New front yard residents

View out our back window

Our medical doctor and his wife. Pictured here (Last week we had everything from a sprained ankle –common-to a collapsed lung. He gives hours, countless hours of consultation and service. She not only supports him but us.

Listening to a young father’s first spoken prayer for his family

Having no time to prepare for a talk and having words put into our hearts and minds

Collapsing into bed happy but exhausted.

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