Saturday, October 2, 2010

July 1st, 2010 E-mail from Pres. Wilkey

July 1, 2010

Sorry for the lack of communication, but, as you can guess, it has been BUSY! The house is a mess moving in, just wish you all were here to help and we'd get it straight in one day! The home is big, gorgeous and set in the private, so beautiful. Went tracking and teaching with missionaries yesterday and the thrill was beyond compare. It feels sooooo good to be back in the missionary mind and saddle....

The moving company broke one box....all my suits and ties so there were in a crumpled heap and I now have to get them all dry cleaned and pressed. Oh well, that's the way it goes. However, I really felt the missionary spirit the last two days and got all three flight attendants to receive the missionaries, had a Boston Red Sox fan I had an experience with, met a young man who likes music from Massachusetts then talked with he and his parents at the luggage carousel, helped a young man get back on the plane because he left his sunglasses on there (he came to me because I looked "official and honest" so I found several people to help him, THEN, when the movers came they were 3 young single men all 3 going to college except the oldest. They helped us move and the whole time I was developing a relationship of trust. When it was time to leave (our 2 assistants had been there helping too) I called the assistants in, gave a wink and whispered "Get ready!" I then proceeded, through the magic of giving them golf balls for which they were very grateful, said, "Now, let me tell you what I am grateful for. I'm grateful for 3 young men who have done an excellent job for us today. You have helped us at a very stressful time and we can't thank you enough. I'm grateful enough that I want to share something much more important than golf balls. Much more important, and I want to give that to you." I then explained who we were and what we are doing. At that point I said, "I'm going to ask you to allow our young missionaries to bring you a another gift, it's a book that has changed my life. I'd like to have our missionaries share that and a message about Jesus Christ. I'll have my assistants get your contact information, will you allow that?" I was pretty direct, but they all said yes. My assistants had a huge grin on their faces as they collected their information. I asked they to follow up with the referrals (all outside our mission), and they were pretty lit up to see their mission president not miss that opportunity to share. It was a great start. I then went teaching with them and that was cherry on the ice cream sunday.

Anyway, great day. However, I had a major and frightening experience with the power of the adversary yesterday morning. Have to share it another day since I'm out of time. Suffice it to say, the devil was trying to thwart the work and destroy me. I once again, with great empathy, understand was Joseph had to fight through in the grove. I testify that the priesthood is very real, very powerful and the that the very NAME of our Lord and Savior dispels darkness when done so worthily. I was about to abandon myself to fear when your wonderful mother recognized the power of the adversary overtaking me, dropped to her knees and prayed until my tongue could be loosed to rebuke those awful powers. We are a little limp today because of that and the exhaustion of little sleep and so much to do. We need your prayers, please, in a special sort of way.....that we will be sustained to fulfill the measure of our purpose here. It is so exciting. We ARE where we are supposed to be for this moment of our lives. Please know of our tremendous love for you all. You have have no idea. I thought my heart would burst upon all the good-byes to you, but we are being lifted beyond our capacity to part because of your faith and prayers.

U R the best!!!!


President Wilkey

P.S. Mom and I went out to dinner tonight and MOM got this contact.....yes, her first one, the waitress! Way to go MOM!!! I mean, Sister Wilkey....whoops!

Loves to you all, more than you can handle....

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