Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blain & Heidi visit

Blain & Heidi Wilkey visit!
Blain was out on business, so their children stayed at home with a couple of our other children.

Here are pictures and entries as told by Heidi on their blog: bnhwilkey.blogspot.com
"It was so nice to spend some time with Pres. and Sister Wilkey.
Surprisingly, they didn't have one phone call that night which is unheard of they said. Sometimes they get 50+ calls a night! "

"While there we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, a hike to Patriarch Hill, and the Spirit that was so strong on the grounds. President Wilkey is definitely on fire out there, can't you tell?"

"There are also places for the elderly to sit and rest. This is the Senior Missionary Bench."

"This is patriarch tree, believed to be older than Joseph Smith and has been struck by lightening twice."

"Here is the monument erected in honor of Joseph Smith. It is one of the largest solid pieces of granite in the world. The total monument weights 60,000 tons. How did they do that back then?"

"This is the original "porch step" to the home that Joseph Smith was born in."

Mom & Dad at work: