Tuesday, October 19, 2010


· The leaves from green to golds, red, oranges, the weather, to chilly nights and lots of rain

· Bedding...from 1 to 12 missionaries staying for 1 to 2 nights

· A new office couple joining the Franklins, both so welcome and wonderful

· From a month of training and principally Bedford based work to a month going to all edges of the mission for interviews, teaching with the missionaries and visiting with members

· Learning to follow the promptings of the Spirit and to seek revelation rather than to practice skills and techniques in teaching

· New handbooks and renewed by visitors from Salt Lake to help us with training and vehicle safety, health and nutrition

· A day of missionaries to a day of General Conference and visits with all of you—the BEST!!

---Unchanging…the love of our Father, our Savior, His son and our love for each of you!---

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