Sunday, April 28, 2013

Women of Faith


Sister Davis who is holding up her daily planner

Increasing numbers of sisters, from 14 to 52 in 4 months

Sister Berg and Buxton having a companionship inventory

Visiting with wonderful women of various
religious affiliations  (Good refreshment in body and soul)
Women discover the beliefs and practices of members
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Questions from the audience
The following was reported after the event:

What a wonderful night we had last night! We welcomed over 70+ women from NH Women of Faith to the Manchester, NH building to hear our presentation entitled “The Mormon Next Door” and to view the exhibit “We Believe in Jesus Christ " followed up by a 20 minute question and answer session with a panel of five LDS Women including Valerie Earnshaw, Sister Loralee Wilkey from the NH Mission, Amber Jensen, Myself and Linda Rose. As a result, I was asked to join the steering committee of Women of Faith to work along side them and in return, I agreed I would invite our LDS female members to join their events to create a stronger interfaith network. The women's interfaith organization was created to share religious beliefs, culture and traditions among women from various faiths. A Steering Committee plans approximately four events per year in order to develop understanding and friendship between women of all.

This event will be televised on public television in Concord, Bedford, Manchester and Goffstown over the next couple of months. The music was under the direction of Kim Spencer. Opening song was “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” sung by Kim Spencer, Kathleen Treu, Melora Colette, Melanie Medaris, Amber Jensen, and Megan Whitney. Accompanied by Pana Hong. Closing song was “I Am A Child of God” sung by Erin Crowley with Linda Rose on the Violin and Pana Hong on the piano.
Angela Hughes, Director of PUblic Affairs, norther New England

Sister Chapin and her daughter Ayla, both having been just baptized visit
with President Wilkey and missionaries, Elders Preslar and Holley

Young women share and links with friends.
Both are full of uplifting stories, DVD clips and music.

Three Earnshaw sisters hug their friend Jen.
Jen was baptized a year ago December. They affirm their conviction that "success in family
life is more likeley when founded upon teachings of Jesus Christ" as well as the conviction
that marrage and family relationships may be perpetuated beyond the grave.


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cabesh said...

AMAZING! I cannot wait to see the fruits from the labors of larger numbers of sister missionaries worldwide. Such an exciting time.

P.S. Cute Chloe story: When President Monson announced that sisters would be able to serve at age 19 Chloe, who was watching downstairs while Craig and I were watching upstairs, let out a whoop of excitement, ran up the stairs, and exclaimed, "I only have to wait nine more years!"