Monday, November 21, 2011

5. Two Transfers – Four T’s

TOO CRAZY--this picture refuses to come in right side up. Maybe it's indicative of the feelings of the missionaries coming and going.

Early October and mid November
Trembling – 8 new sisters, 13 new elders and 7 returning
sisters and 12 returning elders—who has more ‘butterflies’ on the days of
transfers? Mix those with tears—those leaving—anticipation
Temple- As the outgoing missionaries serve for a session in the temple, they feel more
prepared to return home as they receive personal revelation and renew sacred
Training – Improvement! Inspired! Those are the descriptions of the new
missionary training. The trainers are
vital in the mission. We say tritely, “in the mission what happens in training is what happens in the mission.”
Testimonies – At transfer meeting, the outgoing missionaries share “a golden
truth I learned on my mission that will change me forever.” Among those they
recounted with conviction—we witnessed the changes in their lives—“My Father
knows me. The little nuggets of truth I
got all stem from the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the gospel. Charity, the
pure love of Christ defines what I am capable of becoming. I had to learn to
step out of the boat like Peter and reach for the hand of the Savior.”

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