Sunday, November 20, 2011


Spencer and Jonelle Morris come to the Mission with Logan and Gracie. On their blog (, find the complete log of the marvelous days of Morrises.
Lessons learned:
*Enthusiasm and action
Logan loves trains and he puts his enthusiasm into action. He can spot a train anywhere. (We’re hoping that our missionaries will have that enthusiasm and action in finding those who seek the truths of the restored gospel.)
*Gracie was not upset by a fall in the mud. Chasing a chicken in the rainy, muddy day at Shelburne farms, she fell splat, picked herself up and kept after the chicken. (Now is that ever a parable for dealing with the ‘mud’ in our lives. We appreciate the missionaries who have the disappointments of rejection, hard days and cancelled appointments, then pick up the next day and work with even greater faith in the Savior and determination.)
* A missionary heart - In Lawrence, Massachusetts, many people from the Dominican Republic have come and settled. Spenny served his mission in the DR. though he has been home several years, the love he feels for the Dominicans, coupled with his appreciation for their food, came through loud and strong when he took his family to Lawrence for a day visit. (We hope each of our missionaries develops that same love and devotion to the people in this area.)

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