Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick, joyful trip

Okay, so it doesn’t get too much more joyful than this!! Sister Wilkey did get a week’s reprieve from full time mission life to full time grandma life!!!! A glorious stop in Utah and then on to Las Vegas. So like it or not, here are the results—family photos. In her absence, President Wilkey traveled to northern Maine for what we call specialized training in individual districts and companionships of missionaries. Regardless of what he says, she says she left him well supplied with food, travel plans and pre-arranged visits. And he left her with a suitcase with love notes.

Now this is JOY! Being surrounded by the –all must agree—some of the most adorable children on the planet. We say in the mission. “Missionaries leave their families for two years so that others can be with their families for eternity.”

Joyful meeting the two grandsons born in our absence. Collin Wilkey (Devin and Janene’s son born the day before Thanksgiving) and Ryan Hatch (Jason and Erin’s son born on Memorial Day)

Joyfully getting reacquainted with Gracie and Megan—only 3 months and not yet one when we last saw them. Yes Gracie has the Morris talent of funny faces. Megan celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Enjoying some Las Vegas sunshine and heat (but admittedly happy to leave 100 degrees for a cooler and much wetter New England. Double enjoying Katelyn and Logan’s enthusiasm for the water.

Joy mixed with parting—Jason’s departure for Navy boot camp. Erin and threesome will meet him again at their next home at LaJeune Base in North Carolina.

We have” no greater joy than … that our children walk in truth.”

We are joyfully grateful for their love and support, for caring for and supporting one another.

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M Briscoe said...

What a beautiful sight to see "Grandma" with her grandchildren!