Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy April to you!

Yes, that’s L-Sister Wilkey-Grandma on the phone, as usual and on preparation day, or rather preparation moment. That’s your pictures on the side of the frig. You supervise us. But some are rather outdated!

Grandpa-Dad-President Wilkey is checking out a snow ski in the sugar house in Vermont. We sure love you!

We’ve been watching for your mormon.org profiles. Let us know when they come up please. Have you used the site for family home evening?

Here’s an experience from missionaries using the mormon.org site: “When we got home from the zone conference on Tuesday, we had an appointment with Marilyn and her husband Rocky. At the end of the lesson we pulled up mormon.org on their computer. I knew there was a video on there of an NFL player but I hadn’t seen it. We said that we should watch that one because Rocky would enjoy it. It turns out that the NFL player and his wife talked about how they had a miscarriage with triplets. Marilyn had a miscarriage and was still upset about it. It was awesome how we decided to watch a video that Marilyn and Rocky could relate to.”


Kim W said...

There are some great videos on the Youth website. Some were used for YM Leadership Meeting during Conference that were especially good. Same Jersey, Dayton's Legs, Inviting All to Come to Christ. They are all great ones. Love you Pres/Sister Wilkey

Janene Wilkey said...

I love the pictures!